The White Sheet Session inspired by Sue Bryce

My mentor is Sue Bryce, a Photographer from New Zealand has become one of the leading educators in her field.  With countless awards from around the globe, she inspires her students and teaches us every day to become a better photographer, business owner and to live our lives to the fullest.  She created the "White Sheet" boudoir session and this was my first time shooting it.  

The Model

Emily Rose, is a 20 year old woman from Cape Coral, Florida.  She graduated from Island Coast High School and is a server at Waffle House.  She is my daughter.  Emily is a very talented photographer herself, and she inspired me to pick up my own camera and fulfill my dreams of becoming a photographer.  What takes most photographers years to master, she is a natural at. 

She wanted to do this type of session, for her girlfriend Amanda as a gift for Christmas.  I did her hair and make up, as I do for all of my clients and we designed the shoot together.  We can't wait to do other shoots in the future.  I couldn't ask for a more beautiful, confident, graceful and loving model to work with.  Here are a few from her shoot.