Family Shoot

When my daughter's friend contacted me to do her photo shoot for her children, she wanted only the children to be in the photos.  She has 4 children.  Well, I couldn't just let her not be in the shoot as well.  I asked her if I created a special shoot just for her, would she change her mind and allow me to include her in those photos.  She agreed.

She went shopping for her children's outfits for their shoot, and I went shopping and sewing for the shoot to include her in.  After the shoot, I found out that she wasn't excited about what I had designed before the shoot, but after I was done, she said that she was more excited to see the finished images of the Vintage look I had created for her.  

At her reveal, she actually bought more images of the Vintage shoot than she did of the others.  She was thrilled with what I created and said "from now on, I will trust you and your creativity for all of our future shoots!"

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