Awards Oct 2017

I am so nervous to enter my first portraits into the Sue Bryce Education AKA The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation Program.  I have been taking portraits for about a year and have 9 Photo shoots under me.   I know this doesn't sound like alot, but when it comes to each shoot, I pour my heart, soul and creativity into each one.  I am not a photographer that lines them up and just snaps a few images during a mini session and yells "next"!  I want each one of my clients to have a very unique and special photo shoot just for them

.  So when choosing the images that I was going to submit, I wanted ones that I felt the most connection with.  The ones that I was the most creative with.  I am so proud of these images, but most important I am so blesses to have clients who want to be photographed in unique ways.  

The next year I will be focused on building a creative photography business.  From vintage looks to steampunk to dancers... from families, senior portraits and branding shoots.  Enough said on this subject.  I would like to show you my submissions!  I will update the scores I recieved on each one in a later blog.